About Us

Hello, I'm Francisca, the creator of ChicaMelancia!



The story of Chicamelancia began in 2011, but without the intention of starting a business. Initially, I offered handmade items to pregnant friends, without foreseeing that this initiative would inadvertently evolve into a business.


At the heart of Chicamelancia is the pacifier clip. In 2011, the available options were limited to basic plastic pacifier chains, but inspired by the more stylish alternatives I found in the US I chose to create something truly special: pacifier clips made of grosgrain ribbon and fabric, transforming them into not just practical items but also cute and lovely accessories that complement a baby's style.


Each clip is meticulously designed, highlighting the design and details, providing parents with an option that blends our distinctive style with practical functionality. Crafted with carefully chosen materials, it reflects not only a loving accessory but also a high standard of durability and comfort.


As Chicamelancia progresses, this commitment persists, and I am eager to share this journey with everyone who chooses ChicaMelancia as part of their story.


Thank you, and see you soon!



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